Saturday, May 07, 2005

Airline Ticket

Airline ticket:

To insure that everyone is able to get an airline ticket we would like you to purchase your ticket by June 30th. If you are unable to do this please let us know as soon as possible. Our travel agent, Consolidatorwebfares, is able to book us on a “missionary discount” because we are doing volunteer work. We recommend that you book through them; Kammy, our contact, will have your name on a list. In order to receive the discount you must call them directly at 678.462.8737. They are open Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm eastern time.

Alternately, you can book your ticket through your own means: use your own agent, buy on the internet, use airmiles. EITHER WAY, please check with Cori or me FIRST BEFORE YOU BUY or BOOK to insure your fare, route and schedule are correct and it is an amount we have agreed to reimburse. We don’t want anyone to end up with a $6000 ticket to Zimbabwe, when you really need a $1200 ticket to Ghana.

We would like everyone to depart on the 15th and arrive in Accra, Ghana on the 16th. If you are traveling on Lufthansa you will most likely fly through Frankfort make a brief stop in Lagos, Nigeria before arriving in Accra one hour later. Most people will be departing Accra on the 24th and arrive back in the States on the 25th. When you land in Accra you will be met and transported to the hotel where we will be staying the first night (more info to come on that).


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