Friday, April 28, 2006

The School is Finished!!

ABC World News talked about the opening of our school on January 27th, during the Person of the Week segment. (Which featured me but should have been about ALL of the amazing people who came together to make this happen!!)

Congratulations to the whole TEN DAYS TEAM!!


Blogger Mom2the5rs said...

Cori, Thank you for your comment on my family blog . I have been looking at all of your blogs and I am so amazed! Dang, girl! You are out there making such a huge difference! I have a million questions and a few ideas and I am trying to find ways our family can make a personal impact in Africa. I am so new to this. We have missionary friends in Uganda and I will be contacting them today, but I would love to email you and pick your brain(heart). Are you in the states now or in Africa? My email address is

Again, thanks for your hard work. Each one touched is so important. I enjoyed the interview with Evalyn on Oprah. I also noticed that her host parents were wearing your namecampaign necklaces.

Julie Paine

9:55 AM  

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